Lily Gabriella jewellery is the destination for covetable statement pieces with a contemporary edge, designed for the discerning woman. Founded in 2011, by creative director and designer, Lily Gabriella Elia, this fine jewellery brand embodies the designer's wide ranging artistic and global cultural influences.

Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently based in Monaco, her jewellery collections reflect different aspects of her life experience. From organic, sculptural shapes, to romance entwined with heraldry or the contrast between delicacy and strength, the results are unique and breath-taking.
  • A youth surrounded by exquisite art, jewellery and antiques

    Elia was encouraged to appreciate art at an early age, naturally developing a sensibility for the aesthetics that surrounded her. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America in 2008, Elia went to work in the jewellery department of prestigious auction house, Christie's in Geneva. There, she met acclaimed jewellery designer JAR, (Joel Arthur Rosenthal), who urged Elia to pursue her dream of creating a fine jewellery line. With such stellar endorsement the decision to create a line of exquisite jewels was cemented and Lily Gabriella was born.

  • Hand crafted in a small family-run atelier in Milan

    From initial wax model to final finished piece, each Lily Gabriella jewel is created under Elia's direction by the finest Italian goldsmiths and lapidaries. A graceful application of her design aesthetic means attention is paid to the smallest of details. The result is that each piece articulates the care and dedication involved in its creation. Impeccably hand-finished, by master craftsmen using traditional jewellery making methods, the jewels comprise an array of gems and precious metals sourced from the world's finest gemstone centres and gold deposits.