Lily's vision, training and artistic pedigree means every piece of Lily Gabriella Fine Jewellery speaks for itself.

As founder and Creative Director, her natural creativity was nurtured by her upbringing and subsequent role as a trend forecaster for Vogue, Latin America.

Her expert eye was trained in the valuation and appraisal of fine art at Christies. And her technical capabilities developed under the tutelage of the the world's greatest living jeweller, Joel Arthur Rosenthal.

From her earliest experiences working at Lanvin, Lily knew she would pursue a creative career and loves the freedom jewellery offers - unrestrained by fashion trends and prized for its intrinsic value and timeless design.
  • Lily designs jewellery for discerning individuals.
    Her desire to create beautifully designed and crafted jewellery led her to launch Lily Gabriella Jewellery.

    Each gem Lily creates has a contemporary pop of colour, inspired by her extensive travels across the globe - be it in the Spira, Damali or the Holi collection. Her passion for modern art and architecture is evident in her use of unusual materials, sculptural lines, and brightly coloured gemstones in each jewel she creates.

  • Lily Gabriella fine jewellery is synonymous with colour, with a strong focus on craftsmanship and individuality.

    Radiating exclusivity, taste and elegance, the jewellery us of the highest quality and reflects the vibrancy and soul of Lily's native Brazil, shaped by her passion for fine art and sculpture.